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Garden Galley

Chimney garden planters to metal machine wooden cart wooden dog cart wheels

We have a passion for gardening and have transformed the front garden of The Chapel into a colourful plant filled setting for our interesting mix of garden goodies. Vintage wooden German dog carts and hand carts, French wheel barrows, Austrian sledges, metal and wooden garden tables, chairs and seating sit alongside flowering pots.

Folk Legend Reconstituted Stone Green man
Reconstituted Stone Guardian Gargoyle Garden ornament

In the garden

Vintage Milk Churn

Wheels &

chimney pots


Green man

large Reconstituted Stone Tall Pandora statue garden ornament
Reconstituted Stone standing buddha garden ornament


Victorian Chair




Large Feeder

A large selection of reconstituted stone statues and ornaments are displayed in the flower boarder. Gargoyles, angels, lions, cats, hares, Pandora and chastity, Buddha, Easter island men, and lots more. There are stone sundials, bird baths and staddel stones.
We have wall plaques, green man and women faces, ugly faces and funny faces to cheer up any garden.
A range or cast iron wheels, galvanised tin baths and buckets, wooden planting barrels, fishing nets, vintage lobster pots, wrought iron gates and deckchairs.

Many of our items are one off unique pieces, over the years we have sold German dog carts to re-enactment societies, troughs for show gardens at Chelsea, sledges for a famous Christmas window displays in London. A tin bath went off to be the acid bath in a Pinewood film production. Our cast iron wheels have gone to restore vintage shepherds huts at a museum.
We are always on the look out for interesting garden items, and our stock is always changing.
So pop in to see our latest selection.
Here are a few examples of our garden delights


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